External Controlling Services

Despite the appealing idea of simply doing your own books, or having a trustworthy bookkeeper or accountant, it is always important and even necessary to have a 3rd party service provider who'll review your financial records and books in order to make sure that everything is up to par and correctly done.

A-Accounting understands that many businesses can't financially afford to hire a certified expert in public accounting, that will handle their day to day as well as ongoing financial records.

To accommodate our clients, A-Accounting provides the following external controlling services for businesses and individuals:

  • Examining your overall accounting functions and determining if your numbers are correct and accurate, to become aware and informed of any potential fraud issues as well to learn where you can improve in any of your processes or procedures.
  • Independent services to insure a correct day by day processing of accounting records requested by GAAP.
  • Training (staff working in an accounting department require to take additional in-house courses on internal procedures of full cycle bookkeeping in order to develop the higher skills necessary for the job)
  • Software training
  • Pre-employment testing and selection for the accounting department


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